History Of Prescription Weight Loss Pills

The world wants to be fit now or so it seems from the wide use of fitness equipments and dietary supplements that help make a person physically fit. Well there are traditional ways of keeping fit like the Yoga Asana, Mudras or other ancient treatments and then the modern techniques that include Zumbas, aerobics, Pilates and more. With the passage of time, more and more people are starting to understand the benefit of a great body and a fit mind and it cannot be denied that fitness plays a big and important role in today’s world. Prescription Weight Loss Pills are a similar supplementary diet that claims to work on the central nervous system of the body and suppressing the appetite leading to weight loss.

Weight Loss Pills Overview

Prescription Weight Loss Pills are quite popular among the common masses and finds favor with medical experts too. Many people diagnosed with severe health conditions and suffering from obesity are prescribed these suppressants to control their spiraling weight. These Prescription Weight Loss Pills work by controlling the hypothalamus, the particular region of the brain that regulates the appetite in a human body.

It blocks the transportation of two chemicals called serotonin and norepinephrine thereby causing a feeling of satiety and making you feel full in the stomach. There are various debates regarding the use of these Prescription Weight Loss Pills. While one part feels that these drugs are extremely helpful to those who suffer due to obesity, the other part believes that these pills cause chemical reactions within the body thereby causing health hazards; therefore their sale should be banned.

The History Of Weight Loss Pills

Prescription Weight Loss Pills has been in existence since the 1880s and has been described in various books based on the teachings of a Greek physician Soranus of Ephesus. It was also believed that the concept of Weight Loss Pills emerged in Egypt when tapeworms and tapeworm eggs were ingested into the body by women to make them lose weight.

These tapeworms were believed to be sanitized and were considered safe for use. In the year 1930, a dangerous chemical Prescription Weight Loss Pill called Dinitrophenel made its way to the market. It was after some years and death reports that the harmful and life-threatening effects of this drug were known and it was immediately withdrawn from the market.

For the next twenty years, there were no sign of these Prescription Weight Loss Pills, but not before 1950 when amphetamine, a drug that prevents fatigue and boosts the energy level of the body thereby reducing weight started getting prescribed by doctors all over the world.

This chemical faced the same fate as Dinitrophenel in the year 1979 when, due to its numerable side-effects and its sale was banned from many countries due to it abusive nature. Infact this drug has been specifically categorized as a Schedule II controlled substance due to its abusive content.

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In the 1990s, Fen-phen, a very popular drug made with the combination of Phentermine and fenfluramine was banned when it was found to cause valvular heart diseases. Ephedra, another Prescription Weight Loss Pill was also found to raise the blood pressure of the body and its effects were found to be life-threatening.

phentermine diet pillThis ensured that the drug was removed from the market in the year 2004. Some of the Prescription Weight Loss Pills that are still widely in use are Orlistat, Lorcaserin, Sibutramine, Rimonabant and Phentermine. Due to their chemical contents, these drugs can only be purchased with a prescription and are not allowed to be sold over the counter.

Final Weight Loss Product Words

Prescription Weight Loss Pills are a boon for those, who are not capable of doing exercises or maintaining extensive diet programs to become healthy.

These pills increase the metabolism rate of the body and boost the energy level, thereby removing any sign of fatigue. In fact people who are obese due to hereditary problems can easily get rid of their accumulated fat through this diet pill, but before using Prescription Weight Loss Pills, make sure that you have consulted doctor and informed him about all your medical history.

These pills can be life-threatening to those, who are suffering from heart disease, also the combination of this drug with other Prescription Weight Loss Pills maybe extremely fatal. It is, hence recommended to use the dietary pills according to your needs.

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Best Way to lose 10 Pounds Fast

Lose 10 Pounds Fast …

lose 10 poundsEvery body has his or her own reasons to get rid of excessive weight fast, it may be fit into that beautiful dress or look good at the beach. We all want to be healthy, look and feel sexy and confident about ourselves. Losing 10 ponds fast is a stiff target, but it’s definitely achievable. Below are some tips on how to lose ten pounds fast. Read on.

Intense Exercise

You need to do some physical exercise for at least one hour every day. This intensive exercising is very beneficial. Exercises can include brisk walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, running or a combination of them all. You can also join a gym, this will help you follow a strict weight loss program and you will easily lose 10 ponds very fast.

Get into some intensive aerobic exercises plus strengthen your training activities, this way you will lose ten pounds fast. Eating healthy reduces your daily intake calories. If you add rigorous work out routines and above all cardiovascular exercises, you double the chances of losing fats very fast. 1 pound of the fat is exactly equal to 3500 calories. For you to lose ten pounds in a period of two weeks or less, your body needs to lose least 17500 calories in 7 days. For such a huge amount of calories to disappear then you have to see a doctor. He/ she will give you advice on the best way that you can use to lose weight quickly.

Apart from working out at gym or at home, you can also start walking, do this in the morning and even after dinners. Add an extra one hour of your walking to the present exercise routine. Jogging, swimming, rowing, hiking and cycling can also be added to the cardiovascular exercises. You need to alter these exercises everyday, and within a week you will see how fast your body loses fat in a healthy way.


One of the areas that you need to work on is your diet. Instead of eating the normal three meals per day, break the meals into six small meals each day. When you take small meals frequently, the blood sugar is stabilized and you also get a good steady source of the energy you need, this energy in turn fuels the metabolism rate.
You need to control the type and amount of the food you eat, eat less and avoid getting hooked on the fad diets.

The first thing that you should do is going for a detox diet. This will thoroughly cleanse your body and also help you get rid 10 pounds fast in a healthy way. Look for healthy recipes at home and prepare them as you check your diet.

Eat fresh fruits, beans, vegetables, lentils, oats, potatoes, fresh fish, brown rice, noodles, unsalted nuts plus seeds, herbal tea and yogurt. Eliminate fast foods from your diet, steer away from red meat, turkey , chicken, sausages, cheese, sausages, cream, foods containing wheat, butter, sweets, soft drinks, chocolates, alcohol, tea and coffee.

Stay away from junk foods, they are unhealthy and add too much calories to your body. Burgers, deep fried foods, fries, sodas and other soft drinks are not healthy if often consumed. Replace such foods with healthier snacks such as fruits, salads and sandwiches.

Research has shown that some foods are very effective in fighting fats. Such foods include eggs, soybean, yogurt, lentils, almonds and fish. Almonds have high Alpha-linolenic acid; this acid accelerates the metabolism rate, they also have high fiber content that satisfies your diet very fast.


Drink eight glasses of water every day and get enough sleep of at least 7 hours every day. Drinking water has many benefits; water has water no calories, it creates fullness when you drink it when eating your meals, water also keeps you hydrated and flushes harmful toxins from your body, water increases metabolism and above all keeps your liver and kidneys in a good functioning position. All the above benefits of water will help you get rid of unwanted fats very fast.

One of the most important factors in losing weight is being realistic in your goals. You should be practical with how much fat your body can lose. Unrealistic expectations will reduce your chances of shedding off weight. Analyze your body, your lifestyle and how much physical activity you can handle in a day.

Steer away from stress, have a positive attitude towards yourself as you look for ways on how you can lose 10 pounds fast.

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