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Headquartered in Italy, Esaote is one of the world’s leading producers of medical diagnostic systems. It is well established as a Europe-based leading ultrasound manufacturer and produces the MyLab™ 70, Esaote’s Gold Platform premium hand-held ultrasound device that has been incorporated into TechniScan’s Svara™ Warm Bath Ultrasound (WBU™).

sun microsystems  

At TechniScan, we are incorporating the Sun Java™ Composite Application Platform Suite (CAPS), a component of the Java™ Enterprise System, into our SVARA™ Warm Bath Ultrasound (WBU™). CAPS is a revolutionary approach to infrastructure software that provides a comprehensive integration platform to build and manage composite applications, and allows us to seamlessly and securely connect TechniScan's SVARA™ systems with our datacenter

Fortune magazine has ranked NVIDIA #1 in innovation in the semiconductor industry for two years in a row. Since NVIDIA invented the graphics processing unit (GPU) in 1999, it has consistently set new standards in visual computing. TechniScan’s Svara™ system takes advantage of the parallel processing capabilities of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, allowing the Svara™ system to run much faster than its predecessor with no sacrifice in the quality of the results.  
LCN Technology, a leading service-oriented technology solutions reseller and expert in systems integration is working with TechniScan and Sun Microsystems to implement the Sun Infrastructure backbone (Sun Java™ CAPS) into TechniScan’s Virtual Private Network, allowing TechniScan to collect data so that doctors, patients and insurance providers have secure access to crucial health information.  

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